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Cannabis Industry

The emerging cannabis industry is constantly changing, with new rules and regulations as these products continue to become more mainstream and streamlined into the marketplace across the United States.  L J Soldinger Associates was one of the first accounting firms in the country to focus on specializing in the rules and regulations of the industry and began representing cannabis clients in 2013.  We work with cannabis clients in the agriculture, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, medical, laboratory, retail and dispensary sectors of the industry.  Our cannabis industry services include:

  • Knowledge and experience in IRS Code Section 280E

  • Federal and state compliance services

  • Multi-jurisdictional tax minimization and tax savings strategies

  • Representation in taxing authority audits and appeals

  • Overhead cost application to inventory, cost of goods sold and calculation and documentation of inventory

  • Hemp industry accounting

  • CBD industry accounting

  • SEC regulations and filings

  • Due diligence

  • Financial statement audits and reviews

  • Organizational structure

  • Budget and forecasting

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