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We don't simply present options, we create them where they did not previously exist...

Areas of Practice

What makes us different from other accounting firms?

The answer is simple . . . personal service.  We have the unsurpassed ability to pinpoint your business's specific needs.  The quality of our work, our accounting and tax knowledge, our expertise in our industry, and our service is unmatched by any accounting firm of our size. In fact, we are one of the few elite certified public accounting firms to have received a "no comment letter" in every review performed by the AICPA's Quality Review Program, which examines all aspects of the firm's practice, since the inception of the program. 

We are both national and international in scope, serving our clients in numerous industries. Our clients range in size from large public companies to small, closely-held family businesses and growing startups.


From negotiations to knowledge of your 

business, we provide a distinct advantage

for our clients in a competitive world.

Contact us at (847) 726-8100          Email:

  • ljsoldinger
  • ljsoldinger
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